The Capstone Counseling Centers are outpatient substance abuse and Family Counseling Centers, specifically designed to help individuals as well as families in need‭.‬
The‭ ‬Capstone Counseling Centers have been created to help individuals get through the harrowing experience of addiction and destructive behaviors‭. ‬We have come to realize that the success of our clients lies not only in counseling‭, ‬but also in the cultivation‭ ‬of hope and the promise of renewed peace from actively overcoming the obstacles of addiction‭.‬
Our Capstone Staff members have been trained to meet the needs of our clients both in a‭ ‬clinical and legal setting‭. ‬We have extensive experience working with attorneys and the courts‭. ‬Capstone is an advocacy program‭ ‬as well as a treatment facility‭. ‬We believe in building and maintaining relationships with our clients and the community‭.‬

SPECIALIZING IN:                                        
Court Ordered Evaluations
PRIME For Life class
Alcohol Classes
Outpatient Treatment & Detox
Theft Class (I & II)
Anger Management Class
Parenting Class
Appropriate Sexual Conduct Class
Domestic Violence Counseling
Suboxone Treatment
Thinking Errors
Basic Drug & Alcohol Class & Course

We have years of experience in treating addiction and in helping people through the criminal justice system. So, if you are searching for answers, help or direction, please call us and allow us to help you through the process.

“You helped me not to let this bad experience define me. I think what you guys are doing is great because you teach positivity and talk about the tools needed to become truly happy. Addiction is slavery, and you are leading people out of that bondage. Thanks for all your support and nonjudgemental attitude. Your program changed my life. Thank you all.”


• State licensed & court approved

  1. We accept most insurance plans

  2. Professional & caring staff

  3. Services offered in Spanish

  4. Payment plans & financing available

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